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Beth is constantly in demand as a cellist for the likes of  Eliza Carthy, Peter Gabriel, Newton Faulkner, The Unthanks, Kula Shaker and many acts from the South West of England, (Babel, The Cedar, The Stringbeans, Jane Taylor, Get The Blessing, Reg Meuross & Jim Moray, Duotone). Her recent recording credits include:

2011: Eliza Carthy - Neptune (Hemhem Records). The Eagleman Stag (Mikey Please).

2010: Nick Parker – The King of False Alarms (Hardy Music). The Bookshop Band – Travels from your armchair (Mr Bs’ Emporium).  Rowan Coupland – Thorns, brambles, white water and Black Oak (Willkommen Record). Bashema – Liberty (Jelli Records).

2009: Newton Faulkner - Rebuilt by Humans (Sony). Jackie Oates – Hyperboreans (Unearthed/One Little Indian). Vijay Kishore – 13 Rounds (ABH Music). Get The Blessing – Bugs in Amber (Candid Records)

Nicky Swann – Matches and Dispatches. Sleeping States – In the Gardens of the North (Bella Union). Daisy Chapman – The Green Eyed (Dandyland/Cargo). Ian Parker – Demons and Doubters ep (Equator Music). Bashema – Writer’s Block (Jelli Records). Littlemen – Obstacles (Eyes Wide Shut Recording).

2008: Jim Moray – Low Culture (NIAG Records). Jennifer Crook – A Few Small Things (Get Real Records). Babel - Crooked Timber (People Tree Records). The Cedar – I’m always explaining to mum how it’s different here. Shellyan Orphan – We Have Everything We Need (One Little Indian). Dr Meaker – A Lesson from The Speaker (Flashlight Recordings). Guy Tortora – Living On Credit (Turtledove Records). Benjamin. Brunel – Famous For Being Famous (Benjamin Brunel). Rivers of England – Where To Begin. Morales/Watts – The Quarange Tree ep (Morales/Watts). Alex Taylor – Auchen Flower (Thankyouplease Records Ltd). Rob Phillips – Searching for Trolls. Jayne Saran – Perfectly Impossible (Big Sky). Rob Bray – Mode 4. Nicky Swann – Burning Bright ep. Rosie Garrard – Painted Songs (Jelli Records). The Alf Hale Band – Needs Must When The Devil Drives. Ruth Royall - Music in Words (Jelli Records). Jack Rubinacci - Heart and Mind (Rar Records). Martin Wardley – Into The Abyss.

2007: Benji Kirkpatrick – Boomerang (Navigator Records). Kula Shaker – Strange Folk (Strange F.O.L.K). Angus and Julia Stone – Chocolates and Cigararettes (Independiente). Jon Amor – Unknown Soldier (Boma Records). Inu – The Thousand Mile Journey. The Gala Band – Little Revelations (Dreamboat Records). Mike Adcock – In The Case of Darkness. Echo Park Orchestra – Church of Crocodiles (Deaf Executive). Tony Doddery – Rolling Hills and Running Water (Toned Records). Rob Spalding – Find Your Way. Blair Chadwick – Don’t Look Up (Ferret Mouth Records). Tom Corneill – I Asked an Angel (Ferret Mouth Records). Tessa Bickers – Pot Luck (Smalldog Records). Duke Snr. – Duke Snr. Benjamin and The Sirens – Judas Kiss/Precious Child.

2006 & before: Dionysos – Monsters in Love (Tréma). Iko – I Am Zero (My Hart Canyon). Jane Taylor – Montpelier (Bicycle Records). Alaska Lyle - Angels in Disguise (Cunas Records). Anil – Tutela. Nizar Hussayni – Tears and Joys. Anil - Agape.

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