2000: *Banbury Rotary Club Young Musician of the Year, *Chipping Norton Music Festival winner. *Various cups and certificates in String and Woodwind sections at Banbury Rotary Club and Chipping Norton Music Festivals

1999: Grade 8 Cello

1997: Grade 8 Recorder

1995: Grade 5 Practical Musicianship

1994: *Junior Young Musician of the Year, Banbury Rotary Club

1992: Grade 3 Piano


2000-2003: BA (Combined Hon) 2.1 in Music and Dance at Bath Spa University College

1993-2000: Kineton High School

2000: A Levels (3): Music (B), English Literature (A), History (C)

1999: Vocational qualification: French; Universities Award

1998: GCSEs 10 ½ (Maths, Double Award Science, English, English Literature, History, Performing Arts, Design Technology, French, Religious Studies, Music)

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