As mentioned before, Beth comes from a musical family. Her Great Aunt Diana was a wonderful cellist and owned a Gagliano cello. When she passed away, the cello was passed on, and Beth, being the cellist of the family is fortunate enough to have acquired the cello. Beth’s mother’s brother, Michael Biddulph, also a musician was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident when he was 19. About two years ago a piece of music was discovered, written by Michael for Cello and Piano. Beth and her mother performed and recorded this in memory of Michael.

Beth was lucky enough to work at Real World Studios…albeit in the kitchen and bedrooms…but this led to some long lasting contacts with engineers, producers and artists including Peter Gabriel, Tchad Blake, Stuart Bruce, Marco Migliari and Dickie Chapell, all of whom Beth has worked with since.

Beth has also worked on several dance, film and animation projects including the BAFTA winning The Eagleman Stag. She also continues to take an interest in choreography and dance and is continually working with people in this field.

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