An ambitious cellist with a real passion for music, Bethany can freely improvise and create musical lines to blend with other musicians in folk/acoustic, blues, rock, pop, world, experimental, and classical styles.  She started the cello at the age of eleven with teacher, performer and recording artist Emily Burridge. There was always music around the house as her mother, Helen is a piano teacher and was in a blues band with Beth’s father, Tim who plays the harmonica.

Beth was always encouraged to participate in local groups such as the Warwickshire County Youth Orchestra, and attended Stratford Music Centre from the age of 6 to 18. She started entering local competitions such as Banbury Young Musician of the Year and won both junior and senior sections. She was always accompanied by her mother on piano. Her family also started playing in a band with Beth’s sister Hannah on flute, violin and various other instruments and brother Barney on violin and later guitar, with Beth on cello and recorder. They still manage to do two or three gigs a year with Beth and Barney singing lead vocals.

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